Brasilia Coffee Machines are no longer manufacturing or selling coffee machines

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Founded in 1977, Brasilia were one of the leading manufacturers of traditional espresso machines until their closure in 2012.

Based in the small town of Retorbido their owners took the bold step of initially focusing upon their range of elegantly designed compact coffee machines for the commercial sector, such as the one group Roma.

Smaller than the majority of the traditional machines of their time, Brasilia’s “Compact Line” proved to be a hit with cafĂ© owners who were working in tight spaces and the company grew at an impressive rate.

This success saw an influx of Brasilia coffee machines to continental Europe and they began to introduce soon-to-be marketing leading models such as the Excelsior and the best-selling Gradisca.

Brasilia were also at the forefront of technological advancements within the industry. They developed a signature “Pressure Plus” brewing system which took pride of place in their Opus Plus range of machines. At the time, this was the only system in the world to extract coffee at 14 bar pressure instead of the conventional 9. The result was a smoother extraction and a far superior espresso.

Unfortunately, after twenty-five years of trading the company ceased trading a couple of years ago. But due to their popularity you won’t have to travel far to find a Brasilia machine making that signature Italian espresso that we’ve all grown to love.

Service and repairs for the full range of Brasilia machines are available through Caffe Society, Brasilia’s former partner in the United Kingdom.

Finally, why Brasilia? Well, the company took their name from the architectural splendour of Brazil’s capital city; inspiration no doubt for the stunning aesthetic looks that became the calling card for all Brasilia espresso machines.